Thursday, January 26, 2012


She is so divine! Divine Lee was a guest speaker at an ACLE by UP SPECA last January 20, 2011. So I went there despite the fact that my org has an ACLE, I just gotta go there and meet her in person!

I was not disappointed. She was very charming and lights up the room... with her bekiness. "Beki" is a term Filipinos use for gays. Yes, she's all female in form but "beki" in heart! I love her!

She talked about her career and shared tips on how to be successful. Basically, JUST DO IT! She even told us to have a thick face, you won't lose anything from trying. They call you trying hard? Then, try harder! She also shared tips on getting along with a lot of people, make up tips, dealing with negative comments and all that.

She is very hardworking. The girl is a top model, a muse, and a businesswoman for Christ's sake! You go girl. Here are some pics from the talk and my pic with her. IT'S A VERY DARK PIC! :(((( But oh well. I will see her again I promise! :)

 I don't know who made her dress but she was wearing an olive green Louboutin "Daffodil" pumps (I think). Haha! While I'm wearing a Mental top, Folded and Hung harem pants, bag from Korea, and shoes from Topshop. :)

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