Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Michael Kors x Mother's Day

Michael Kors makes amazing accessories! I'm lusting over the bags, the watches, the jewelry and the sunglasses!
Well, it was Mother's Day last Sunday and I didn't give her a gift. We just went to church and ate at Yakimix (you should try eating there! Delish! I love their shrimp that was cooked in I don't know what but it looks like sand. Haha!) Rates at Yakimix are Php 499 in the morning and Php 599 in the afternoon and Php 649 on weekends. Unlimited drinks for an additional Php 75. Love it. Foodie mode! Haha!

Anyways, so what to give? what to give? Luckily, my job interview was at Ortigas near Shangri-la. So, that's where I went to purchase my gift. My mom always wanted a designer bag and since I'm sooooo sure I'm gonna get a job soon, I decided to look for one. AND NO! GREENHILLS IS NEVER AN OPTION! HAHA! Anyways, I went there and boy were they expensive. To the point that I just sat and bought croissant and coffee and just stared at the door of Tiffany and Co. near Rustan's. I literally just stared at the guard in my sunglasses while eating the Le Coeur de France Ham and Cheese Croissant and Coffee (Php 99 only! Haha! Foodie instinct!) because the jewelry was not on display! Breakfast at Tiffany's was my ped in doing that! How can you lust over jewelry when you know you can not go inside because they'll give you judgmental looks? Anyways... I browsed some more at Debenhmas when I saw the Michael Kors boutique. I was shocked that I didn't see it. I've been prancing around Shangri-la Mall for a long time that I didn't notice? Oh well.

I bought my mom a bag charm in the shape of a bag for only Php 2,450! Affordable! My other prospect was another bag charm at Tory Burch at Greenbelt 5. It's much bigger and I think you can put something in it for Php 2,950.

Lusting over these 2 bags! They're gorgeous! The blue one is 13,000 and the brown one is about 23,000.

The paper bag that came along with it.
 PS. The bag charm came with a box but I did not get to take a picture of it. :(
Happy Shopping my dear readers. If you stop by a boutique, don't forget to buy me a present and you can send them to me! haha!


  1. Oh my! Michael Kors here is overpriced pala. I just realized. Grabe ang laki ng price difference. Arrgh!