Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Passion for Fashion... Business

I'm currently unemployed right now.
I actually went to job interviews and I think I did well. It's just you know how job listings looks so good in writing but when you go to the interview, REALITY STRIKES! and you know those positions are just glamorized into something else.

I am a tourism graduate and I want to be in the tourism industry. My dad said I could be in DOT but I think government culture maybe toxic like WARNING: TOXIC. Haha!

I wanted to be in the airline industry but after my OJT in Delta Air Lines, I'm having second thoughts.

The next on my list is the restaurant industry. I don't know, I just love to eat.
The next one is events. I love that it's not just an 8 hours in the office industry. You go places and meet a lot of new people.

So, now I am applying for the restaurant and events industry. But I have this vision of me running things my way and there's nothing better than HAVING YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

I am currently in the works of a fashion online retailer. I named it MARK,ETC. It's like Mark, etc. but stressing on the "MARKET" because the prices are market prices (which is lower than retail price ;) ). Anyway, so far I have sold sunglasses. Hahaha!

Specificially, Hello Kitty frames. I am also planning on making customized eyewear for all the fashion forward people out there!

So watch out for MARK,ETC.

BUT BE WARNED: When I get a job, this might just be a sideline.
The website is still in the works. (Just multiply and facebook)
But I am going to advertise it here! I might wear some of the looks.

PS. The products so far are accessories. I have yet to start RTW. I swear I don't know how. I need suppliers of clothes, that's the problem. I'll get there someday. SOMEDAY. ;)

Save up your money and so you can purchase cool accessories from MARK,ETC.

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