Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I was so excited to find out the inspiration for Chanel's 2011 Pre-Fall collection. A teaser picture of the double C's in some fabric made me think it was like Middle Ages thingy. Last year was inspired by Shanghai and now it was inspired by the BYZANTINE EMPIRE.

And you're all like what? I researched Byzantine Empire and it was very simple majestic. I think what I saw were war clothes so they have to be comfortable. Haha!

God! Chanel did not disappoint. The setting was very intimate as the models were close to the audience. So close that the audience can touch the clothes. Watch it and you'll see! :)

I loved everything from the collection! Although I noticed something, Freja Beha Erichsen (my favorite model EVER!) didn't have her hair in a bun but had her hair straight and free just like how she wears it on normal occasion. She was also the finale dress wearer! Wow! Lagerfeld must really like her! She really brings something different to a classic girly brand like Chanel. Pictures will be shown tomorrow.

PS. I was just thinking, the ONLY BILLION DOLLAR FASHION EMPIRES Chanel (10 billion) and Armani Spa (4 billion) are known for their suits. I'm sure you've heard of a term Chanel suit and Armani suit. But not a Prada suit or Versace suit or Dolce and Gabbana suit or Gucci suit. Guess nothing suits people than a suit! :P

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