Thursday, December 30, 2010


Zac Posen is very red carpet like and the prefall looks are very glamorous, his best collection ever because it's not boring. Basically, I don't much like Zac Posen. Haha! But I do like her choice of models. One of the models is Crystal Renn, a normal human being. Not so beautiful, curvy, and most of all KINDA DARK UNDERARMS! And for the gays, there's Anna Cleveland, daughter of famous model Pat Cleveland. SHe doesn't look androgyneous, she looks like a drag queen. Please! Lea T and Isis (of ANTM Cycle 10) looks so much better than him/her. Haha! We have a chance bitches! :)

Enjoy the photos. Just look at the dresses even though the pictures are zoomed in and the models pose in very trying hard couture poses even though it looks very awkward. :)

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