Friday, December 24, 2010

Inno Sotto 30th Anniversary

I know I just posted I won't post anything about fashion til the 26th, but I just have to post this. Inno Sotto is a fashion designer in the Philippines. 30 years, WOW! Longer than Dolce and Gabbana!

Let me get this straight, Inno Sotto is a fashion (clothing) designer right?
Well, it looked like a jewelry collection.
Although I loved the dress on Heart Evangelista.

Also, there's a video about his muse, Heart Evangelista. Very, very... confusing. I didn't get it. It looked forced and the focus is very blurred.

What's the point of the film? Was it the fashion? The line about the lover's love for Heart was not drawn. And, can't you hire a cartographer? Quite frankly, the handwriting is kinda bad.

Here's the link of the video. It just wants to battle with Dior's Miss Dior and Dior Homme. Yawn! Inno Sotto! :|

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