Friday, March 16, 2012


This happened last Wednesday March 14, 2012.
It was the Baccalaureate Mass so it means I'm gonna graduate soon!!!! Ok, so I have to wear something decent. Not that what I've been wearing aren't decent. I just gotta go minimalist today! Hihi

woohooo! super HQ! hahahahaha
Shirt - Ukay-ukay (yes!)
Belt -Scubed (SM Accessories)
Pants - BNY
Gold sneakers - Wade
Bag- Salvatore Mann
Watch - Bijoux Terner
My last class was 1 pm so I went to this career forum til 4. Then I met with my friends and ate because the mass was at 6 pm. We first went to this Bobba Tea in Area 2 in UP (you know in the Lutong Bahay area).

I ordered te Strawberry Honey  Lemon Frenzy and with pearls (which were purple!). The taste is kinda artificial but it's quite good. It even has lemon slice inside and the cover is of the zodiac signs. I'm a Virgo but I got Cancer! It costs 55 pesos. Affordabellucci! Haha! Go try them now!

We ate pasta at Owen's also at Area 2.Owen's serves pasta and burger! Owen is the name of the owner's son hihi. It's before you go to Lutong Bahay just beside UP Coop and all that. You'll just see it when you see it. I ordered the seafood pesto pasta! For Php 40, another affordabelluci meal! And quite delish! there's 2 tahongs and 3 clams! Delish! delish! delish!

Pics from the Baccalaureate with my bekis! The UP Church is an in-the-round church! Yes! really!

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