Thursday, March 15, 2012


This happened last Tuesday March 13, 2012! ;)
I don't know what inspired me to wear this. I just wanted to! ;P
Blazer- Markus (SM Department Store)
Shirt - Lee
Pants - Wrangler
Blue suede loafers - Gucci
Snake Ring- What Women Want (SM Accessories)
Eyeglasses -Dita Elan (Click to buy!)

I think every avid reader of mine knows that I study at the University of the Philippines. So, me and my friend Monica (who is my unofficial photographer) ate lunch at Casaa. She ordered fish pesto from Chef's Grille

While I ordered fish basil with cream sauce which doesn't look like cream! :))) For Php 50 very affordable! I've been eating 50 peso-meals and it's pretty delish for the taste! ;)

I love my snake ring from What Women Want (SM Accessories)

Posing with my snake ring and my Dita Elan eyeglasses!
And since we're goof-offs, we did a crazy thing. I think people who are aware knows that I shot my look at the UP Grandstand. And we saw someone sleeping. So I decided to give him a leaf like I was in his funeral! Hahahaha. LOL. ROFL. LMAO. Choz!

Loka-loka lang! Crazy mode! Hihihi.
And I shot with a prop! Fierce much? :)))

And with this last fiercin' pic I bid you adieu! Ta-Ta mah loves! 

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