Friday, March 30, 2012

Cool off your summer

Nostalgia. Building a snow angel in Korea! Haha! I'm gonna miss the snow!!! Even if it wasn't fit to make a snowman! Haha!

The bonnet was bought from Korea.
The coat was bought from Ebay for 150 pesos! Yes!
The shearling top was from an ukay ukay for 50 pesos!
There's a sweater underneath that is sticking out of the sleeves of the coat! Haha! That was 599 pesos from Oxygen! ;)
The gloves were 1000 won (38 pesos) in Korea.
The scarf was 250 pesos from Surplus Shop .
The pants are from Topman (Buy 1 Take 1 promo!)
The boots were from Janylin (10% off) Hihi!

See! You can still be cheap and chic and not be cold! Haha!

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