Sunday, April 15, 2012


So, as I blogged, we went to the Heat Wave Summer Bazaar at the World Trade Center! It was super stressful to commute! A lot of jeepney rides and goodluck to my dry hair and my oily face! Hahahahaha!

The only salvation was the free entrance from Manila Shopper. Ok...
'Twas great but we were kind of disappointed that there were not a lot of stores. I mean, compared to the other bazaars I've been to and let's not count out Greenhills? :))

Anyway, there were still great selection and I'm not kidding. My sister and I were lusting on 2 bags: A 13k gold satchel worth 7k (we haggled and it was until 6k). :( And the Tory Burch fur-lined satchel worth 8k (We didn't haggle because we just could not afford it.) But... we still got some awesome finds!

I bought a sunglasses ring for Php 50. A chain sunglasses for Php 200. And Paco Rabanne 1 Million Perfume and Chanel Allure Homme Blanche Edition! Super like!

My sister, who is more focused than me, only wanted a bag she can use for school and settled with a polka dot bag which looks very cute at a haggled price (I've become an expert in haggling, by the way)

So.. here are the pics. It was hard to document when you are overwhelmed with the items for sale. If only I were rich....

DAS SHOES (above and below) Aren't they fierce? ;)

Chain sunglasses for Php 200. I couldn't resist! :)))

The behind the scenes! Hahaha!

Top -101 New York
Watch - Jeremy Scott for Swatch
Pants - Folded and Hung
Shoes- Cardams

My sister bought these shoes at Landmark Trinoma for Php 399! Bargainista!

The polka dot bag she bought! Haggled to the max! :)))

Paco Rabanne 1 Million and Chanel Allure Home Edition Blanche! Gold na gold!
I am super in love with this mullet dress. Also at Landmark Trinoma! It's sooo chic and sexy! :) 
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