Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

ZALORA is a wish come true for Filipino shoppers who love to shop while at the comfort of their home. It's online shopping at its finest. It's quite faster than I expected. My aunt ordered a pair of shoes and it was right at our doorstep, 3 hours later. Parang pizza delivery lang! Choz! Hahaha.

Anyways, even I too have a ZALORA Wishlist (Well I have an "obsessing" and "wanting" and "needing" series here in my blog where I post those stuff I want to own haha!). As you know, ZALORA has expanded its products to offer ranging from local to foreign brands and all the price range which is very cool!

So here are my ZALORA wishlist and why I gotta have 'em!
 1. 5CM 4 Pocket M65 Military Jacket - I love 5CM! All I know is that they have branch in SM MOA and they have a lot of chic menswear items. Also, military jackets are something that is trendy and classic. It means, as of now they look cool like it's in trend but you can wear them next year and still look cool. They are a keeper. Also, I love this color because I am having a hard time finding a jacket with a color like this!

 2. Hooked L/S Shirt- Ok, I have never heard of Hooked before and it's good that you try a lot of brands and see what they have to offer and I'm totally hooked for Hooked! Haha! I super love it when they update polo shirts with details like this. A different color for the pockets and for the elbow pads. And that guy isn't half bad at all don't you think? ;)
3. Hooked L/S Shirt-  See what I did there? It's another Hooked shirt.  I think you know why I gotta have this shirt. Judging by the design, it's got "Markness" written all over it! Haha! I swear I'll snatch this up na!
4. Black Leather Gucci Strap Signature Watch - I'm a sucker for menswear watches! And this Gucci ones are definitely unique and I would looooovvveee to have this in my collection! It's that edge that can make or break your outfit. Also, guys and girls, I REQUIRE EVERYONE TO HAVE A WATCH ALWAYS WORN ON THEIR WRISTS! It just shows that you value time. It can say a lot about your character. Instead of looking at your phone for the time, you should have a watch. And invest in it! This one's a may-juh investment! ;)

5.TOMS Grey Chambray (Botas) - TOMS shoes are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes one can ever own. I swear, you have to buy one! And you gotta love that feeling when you buy something and help others as TOMS is an advocate of having "No one should go barefoot" campaign. What I noticed are that booties are also a great investment for men as they are for women. Boots are now popular as corporate shoes and dress shoes. Yes, you can wear boots to work. But not this one, this one's for the casual walks you go to. ;)

SO... what are you waiting for? Proven and tested safe and effective... Shop at Zalora now!

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