Saturday, June 2, 2012


Now I am officially part of the unemployed population of the Philippines! Anyone wants to give me a job? haha! Anyways, this was the last day that we were together as batch! The Graduation Ball! The theme was Setting Sail: Caribbean Cruise Night and everyone was encouraged to wear something with the theme. And I didn't! hahaha! Well, I was on my own world and since this was the last time I might go all FASHION with my outfits, I pulled out all the stops. Not really! Hahaha!

I really love the short suits trend! I am so obsessed with it that I've been wanting to wear it to an event and well, this seems a perfect opportunity.
The inspiration: Diane Kruger in Jason Wu; Victoria Justice in Elizabeth and James; Gwyneth Paltrow in Giorgio Armani. I wanted to emulate Diane Kruger's so here it is:

TA-DAH! Haha!

Me and my thesis partner both in black and red shoes. She was supposed to wear fingerless gloves but decided not to! BOO! Haha!
Me and my friends all ready to partey! Haha!
My three best dressed from the party (excluding me! hahaha)
I love the print and the mullet-ness! ;)
It reminds me of Halston and I love me some Halston.
This dress is a dead ringer from the dresses from the Gucci Fall 2011 collection ;)
Super love their looks! :D

Photos courtesy of: Miho Suzuki, Dong Cruz, and Google Images

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