Sunday, June 24, 2012


I've been very busy lately that's why I haven't been updating my blog but I had time to watch a movie. Can you believe it? It's W./E., the directorial debut of Madonna. So here's my review. I wrote this while I was watching the movie so I apologize if there are grammatical errors. Overall, the film had the great story but you might not quite get it due to, I'm sorry to say, Madonna's directing. :(

- I don't get the Wally Winthrop story. I wish they just went with the Wallis and King Edward story. I
mean what was the point with all those research if only a few information is in the film.
- The shots were kinda off and like what the? I mean, there's a scene wherein David says to Wallis he will
marry her and all that while circling a tree, then after that the camera goes up to show the viewers a
tree. I mean, what's up with that? It felt amateurish.
- God, they smoke a lot not just King Edward but also the guard at Sotheby's what's-his-name. (Evgeni)
- Maybe it's because I've watched "The King's Speech" before W./E. that's why I think the actor that portrayed Bertie was kinda atrocious but I am comparing him to Colin Firth who won an Oscar for
that role.
- I don't get the part where they are dancing and a rock song starts to play. It was a wrong choice for
-The part where King Edward delivers his abdication speech feels like a music video.
- The story was great. I just hoped there was more focus on the life of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. It would be nice if they included more about their trips and meeting Hitler and stuff.

Rating: 5/10 Sorry Madonna! I still love you, though!

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