Saturday, June 16, 2012

How to rock the Rayban Wayfarer!

SO... you gt yourself the Ray-Ban Wayfarers? What size? Is it 50 mm or 54 mm? I prefer than 54 mm because they're bigger and you know me, I like them BIG! :))

While people have established that Wayfarers look good on anyone and on anything. I'd like to disagree. Here are three evidences that they don't look good on everyone!
 Kourtney Kardashian
 I love the House of Harlow Nicole, Chelsea, and Sasha sunglasses but this Ray-Bans are not for you girl!
 You're so 3008 we're so two thousand late! But still, we look better in wayfarers than you do Fergie Ferg!

And... while you know the easiest way to go out is just either wear a dress, or a tank top or shirt with sorts or slouchy pants then put on your wayfarers and you look cool. But I suggest you wear your wayfarers (and any other sunnies quite frankly) while being a bit dressed up. You wear something nice okay? :))) Here are some suggestions to inspire you! :)

 Yes, you wear them with a gown and a cape with red fingerless gloves! haha! This means you wear them with your most sophisticated outfit!
 Or the casual yet put together look by Kate Moss
 This is for the rockers! :)
 This little Olsen started the trend of the wayfarers. And I'm loving that headband with the sunnies!
 See? Even Blake Lively gets it! Wear it with your fedora and the chicest coat you have!
 Wear them with a suit and look extra dapper! (We recommend the tortoiseshell pairs for this to look extra handsome but if you're Jude Law, who cares?)
 Ah, the perks of being a supermodel. Just you and your wayfarers dancing and getting captured by the camera.
Olivia Palermo is one of the most stylish people around and she gets it right. This is the perfect hoodie to wear wayfarers with! :)
And a quick bonus, these are not Ray-Bans, they are Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan and this has got to be the best capture of the sunnies. You can see the shape (kind of cat-eye ish no?), the fit and the details! Watch the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and see how to wear these with grace and elegance (i.e. LBD's)

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