Saturday, October 30, 2010


Politics has never been fashionable ever since Jackie got her O. It means when Jacqueline Kennedy became Onassis. Although she was still fashionable with her Chanel tweed jacket and her big round Jackie O shades, it wasn't the same when she was in the White House being the first lady. I think MObama (Michelle Obama) and Ms. Carla Bruni made politics fashionable. I'm not really into MObama even if she has a great stylist. I love Carla Bruni because she's more beautiful and well, SHE WAS A FORMER FASHION MODEL!

Carla Bruni is France's first lady. And France being a very influential city on fashion (Paris Fashion Week is the best with Haute Couture shows always presented there and of course, CHANEL!) they need someone that will also represent their government in a way Paris is known for, FASHION! And Carla Bruni, in my opinion, best represents that.

Carla Bruni even made it to the 2010 Vanity Fair's most stylish. Well, I'd want to say more about Bruni but I think a picture paints a thousand words. Haha!

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