Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's that time of the year... HALLOWEEN!

Well here in the Philippines (for my international readers! Yay!), Halloween is not celebrated the way it is celebrated in other countries. First, there is no trick or treat. Second, I never see anyone dress up in the streets. Third, we just like scaring people and making up ghost stories. Fourth, if it will be a costume, it's just a bedsheet with holes for the eyes and nostirls or hair covering the face to channel Sadako. That's it. We only have cheesy horror films with special effects that can be made by me.

Me, a college student with no experience in editing. HECK, I CAN EVEN DO A BETTER JOB ON THOSE SPECIAL EFFECTS. Haha!

So, on to Halloween and Fashion connection. I think Halloween is the time where there is no fashion, just a trend. You get me? Right now, everyone will be dressing as two things: 1) LADY GAGA! or 2) The Cast of Twilight.

Have fun to all the trick-or-treaters! :D


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