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FYI RTW means Ready To Wear. So, just saying.

So, Jean Paul Gaultier's RTW is always on the crazy side. If you will look at his past collection , they're not usually something people really wear. But, it catches the eye of fashionistas and celebrity so he earns. BTW, his collection for Target was great! I would certainly buy every piece in the collection! They're so avant-garde but still leaning on the casual side.

So, it started off with BETH DITTO OF GOSSIP! I love Gossip! I love their music! So, Beth Ditto is the vocalist and well she's a plus-plus-PLUS-SIZE girl! Yes, she's that vilaptuous! But seriously, she has her own fashion sense and it's actually really great! Looking at her casual and stage outfits, I'm impressed. No offense, but I really do think it's hard to find fierce fashion for fat women. So, for her to do that is insane! And well, she also designed clothes. She designed for high-street store Evans. Don't be intimidated by the term "high street." The most famous high-street brands are Topshop, Gap, Forever 21, and H&M. So, you know the prices won't hurt your pockets.

Well, let's go back to JPG's summer 2011 collection. Basically, it's very Gaultier. The wigs are very Joan Jett-ish. The wild short hair, it reminds me of her. So Karlie Kross opened the show formally. Meaning, she's the first real model to go, because Beth Ditto was the first girl to walk but you know she's not really a model. Haha! She was in this star-printed dress that was mixed with leather for that rock element.

I REALLY LOVED THE SHOES. The shoes that dominated the show were two toned shoes. It means one color on the left part then another color on the right part. In love!!! Those shoes can be something you could mix and match with your outfits. The first part were mostly these outer space like themes focusing on the star prints. It then progressed to leather jackets, denim, and boots that I also love, especially those red boots on Eliza Cummings. There was even these cross bracelets with the cross really exaggerated and connects with a ring. SO COOL AND ROCK AND ROLL!!!! I WANT THOSE!!!!

I also loved those blazers! They have a strong shape! If you watch the show, you will see that it forms a strong square silhouette that feels you are wearig a square costume. Ugh! I can't explain, but watch it and you will understand!

I must say the collection is very dynamic, I loved it all and if you mix and match it with outfits in your closet, it'll make you stand out! If you like to mix a touch of rock and roll to your wardrobe, you will certainly fall in love with this collection, and also, watch other Gaultier shows on youtube and you'll undertsand why I love Gaultier. He has a unique sense of fashion and that's what I like in a world of trend following!!! UNIQUENESS! :D

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