Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So, this is not literally i'm going to tell you a secret but rather, it is a title of Madonna's 2005 documentary. It documents (duh!) her 2004 Re-Invention Tour. 2004. Yikes! 6 years have passed and now GaGa is ruling the pop world. But despite that, the 2004 Re-Invention Tour costumes puts GaGa's Monster Ball costumes to shame. Yes, she has a bra that sparks but it is nowhere near Madonna's outfits in this tour. Her costumes in the video interlude surpasses GaGa's outlandish outfits, even the meat dress. Why? It's f*cking Christian Lacroix. The best in couture. Her red dress can just be her outfit for the whole concert and you might say "THAT IS SO GAGA!" But it was BG! BEFORE GAGA! Her outfits still surpass GaGa's current ones and it must be heartbreaking for her. I love GaGa but I must agree with the critics, BG outfits were still fiercer than the GaGa era. Kylie Minogue and Madonna still puts on a show and we're getting excited for their return to the stage to once again, put GaGa's costumes into shame. OUCH!

Well Kylie will be returning to the stage on February 2011 for her Les Folies Tour. And God only knows when Madonna will return to the stage. She isn't even recording new music so I'm not expecting a new tour unless she records new music. PS MADONNA DOESN'T HAVE A RECORD LABEL CONTRACT SO NO LABEL MEANS NO MUSIC. I SUGGEST GO INDEPENDENT GIRL! :))

Well, let's talk about Madonna's ReInvention Tour. GOD I LOVE THAT CONCERT! it is one of Madonna's best tours, but seriously, Madonna always puts on an elaborate show worthy of a very expensive ticket price. Madonna is the only artist not criticized for pricing tickets so high because "you get what you pay for, screw that, more than what you pay for." She takes time to reinvent her old songs (e.g. Material Girl in a rock remix? Into the Groove and Holiday in a Scottish performance?) ,an elaborate stage (who puts her audience on the stage? the most expensive tickets were the one IN THE STAGE. LIKE LITERALLY. There's a hole in the stage for them and they get to see Madonna up close. Now that's where Madonna's sweat would even hit you. Haha!), and elaborate costumes (Seriously more GaGa than GaGa but not that GaGa! You'll get it when I post the pictures!)

SO if you are curious about the costumes, well here they are!

This circus costume is designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. Great choice! Circus costumes are supposed to be big and bold and the details should be seen from afar which is in contrast with Chanel. Chanel is subtle and you have to see it to appreciate all the subtleties.

Looks familiar? Take off Madonna's fedora hat and view GaGa's Alejandro Music video, the one where the music changes, and her dancers are walking with a pose part. or shortly, go to youtube and watch the 5:37 mark


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