Wednesday, October 27, 2010


GaGa is my second fashion icon. GaGa just makes me want to go gaga! Haha! I mean, have my own style. She doesn't play by the rules that much and that's good. Fashion need not to have rules but just guidelines.

GaGa made me fall in love with sunglasses. Well, it's her staple style. The sunglasses is not just an accessory to her because she buys tons of sunglasses. I think to her, sunglasses are her personality. It is a part of who she is, and she changes sunglasses as she changes clothes I think. I mean her collection can build an entire museum.

She  made me be more careful of my fashion choices. She also solidified my appreciation for leather, and latex. Haha! She has her own style and I think people should have their own style too. Even if you have style icons, make sure to put something of your own to it. It will actually make the look your own even if you copied like 90% of it to your style icon.

So it's a very short post but needless to say, I think in terms of fashion GaGa will not be forgotten for what she has brought to style, not fashion. I mean, she wears haute couture fashion, so do other people, she just wears it on casual occasions, and others wear it on special occasions and for artists like Madonna, they wear it on their concert so no biggie. GaGa's contribution to style is freedom and independence. Having fun with fashion because fashion is meant to be fun and stressful. Haha!

Til the next fashion journey! :D

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