Monday, October 25, 2010


SO Madonna is my #1 fashion icon.
I used to combine outifts that will be similar to the outfits she would wear on concert. I used to look at purple shoes, purple shirt, purple leather jacket, and purple fingerless gloves.

I also used to look for Keith Haring printed shirt and vest. Also, red shorts, black knee-high socks with three stripes (i got one from adidas) and nike stox. Nike stox costed Php 6,000 plus so I said NEVER MIND! Haha!

Now, I am looking for a black coat that looks like her Givenchy jacket.
NOW, I AM CHANNELING HER CASUAL LOOK. Her casual look, leather jacket, leather fingerless gloves, trousers, and high heels. Well, I'm not looking for high heels. Haha! I found the other ones but I am saving up to buy them.

Another Madonna casual look, fedora hats and scarves. I am lushing over a fedora hat from Aldo but it costs more than 1,000 pesos.

Very expensive! I saw a lot of scarves and might MIGHT be buying. It's hot here in the Philippines, no need for those scarves right?

I was actually intending to buy a Von Dutch cap. Before, I don't know why. But I've been aching to buy one, and also an Ed Hardy shirt. But I realized it was because of Madonna. But, I'm having second thoughts. And I think you people know why. Besides, they don't fit my personality. Haha! I might take fashion risks but wearing those is a risk I know the result of: FASHION DISASTER! HAHA!

Also, Madonna designed her own line of sunglasses. Unfortunately, there isn't any here in the Philippines. Not even in Sunglass Hut in Newport Manila. You know, the one near NAIA. :))) I'm not confident with international buying. Haha!

So? Who is your fashion icon? I have more and will be posting more on the later days.
How do you channel your fashion icon?
'Til the next fashion journey! :D

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