Sunday, October 24, 2010


I LOVE VERSUS! SO you're asking, what the hell is Versus?
Versus is a line from the VERSACE Group.

Brief History: Versus was given by Mr. Gianni Versace (the creator and creative director of Versace) to her sister, Ms. Donatella Versace as her own line where she can put her creativity. It was meant to be the edgier line of Versace and caters mostly to the younger crowd. Well, since Mr. Gianni Versace died in 1997 due to being shot by Andrew Cunanan, Ms. Donatella took charge of being the Creative Director. With so many lines from Versace (like Atelier Versace, Versace Jeans Couture, etc.), Versus was kind of neglected. It held its last show on 2004.

Now, Mr. Christopher Kane was appointed director of Versus, and with the start of Spring 2010 collection, Versus is getting a lot of following especially B, as in Blair Waldorf or Ms. Leighton Meester herself. Its certainly an edgy line with Mr. Kane's edgy runway looks. In love with it! It's certainly something you have to see for yourself before you judge, so look away. Here are the links.
Spring 2010:
Fall 2010:
Spring 2011:

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