Monday, October 18, 2010

LiLo/La Loca/Lindsanity/LINDSAY LOHAN

Before she was sentenced to jail. did you know that Lindsay Lohan, YES LINDSAY LOHAN (The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Herbie: Fully Loaded) was appointed CREATIVE DIRECTOR for EMANUEL UNGARO?

I have heard Ungaro before because of AVON. :)) yes avon like avon ladies ad stuff. So, creative director is pretty prestigious for someone like Lohan. I don't see her as a fashion icon. To give you a clue of how big a position it is, KARL LAGERFELD IS THE CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF CHANEL AND FENDI. And KL is very respected in the industry. He had to start from being a dressmaker before being appointed there. Well, Lindsanity was appointed because it would give the label publicity. You see, Ungaro has been losing money (just like the other top brands. PS. I will post about recession in the fashion industry in the coming days.) so appointing La Loca will certainly boost attention to this brand which I'm pretty sure you don't know much of. So did I. :))

So here is the video of the first collection for La Loca for Emanuel Ungaro Spring 2010/2011.
PS. Please watch this before you read my comments. Post what you think about the collection in the tagbox. :)

So have you watched it?

First of all, Lindsay looks better as a redhead and she looks older there. :D
Second, I think some of the clothes in collection are wearable.But the styling, bleh! I mean look at 0:47, who wears a pink top and an orange pants?
Third, there were many atrocious clothes, start with 0:55 and so on. Ugh! :))
Fourth, Ungaro charges pretty high prices. And, well, it's an insult for them, but it looks like you can buy them at H&M, Forever 21, Terranova, Topshop,etc. and you'll get a bargain.
Fifth:, WHAT'S UP WITH THE HEARTS? It's just too much and it's spread all over like spreading peanut butter for the first time. There are holes. I mean you see a heart patterned skirt, then you won't see any heart patterns, then you will see a heart shaped collar for a blazer, it's just it's not in order or something.
Sixth: HEART-SHAPED NIPPLE COVERS? I personally don't know anyone who will buy these. And it's just plain tacky. The reason you see this is because the blazers aren't tailor fit. Blazers are meant to cover something not to uncover anything.

So what do you guys think? I don't know if I'm being hard on Lindsay but I just really think it's not good.

So there, it's Prada so I guess I was being fair. Til the next fashion journey. :)

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