Friday, November 5, 2010


I LOVE BALMAIN! I think they're very edgy. Well, before they were classic and now they have an edgy twist now under the directorship of Christophe Decarnin. FYI, Oscar de la Renta also led the house of Balmain. But, with the spring 2011, it looks like he has run out of ideas.

Well, you'll have to see the collection from 2008 onwards to see how he modernize Balmain. I love it. Madonna even sported one from the Fall 2009 collection in her "Celebration" music video.

Okay, so I'll review the Balmain Spring 2011 collection. Let's see,
studded blazers- check!
studded leather jacket- check!
stained shirts- check!
shirts with safety pins- check!
leather pants- check!
studded skirts- check!
denim pants- check!
studded bustier- check!
ripped shirts- check!

so, what's with the checklist? Do you see yourself spending at least $200 for any of those stuff? I'd go to SM Department Store, Topshop, Forever 21 or People are People for those stuff and save A LOT! It just seems so cheap. I mean, the last collection were edgy but did not look cheap. I think Christophe Decarnin should really think about the next collection.

And also watch Isabel Marant's Fall 2010 collection. You may see familiar pieces on the Balmain Spring 2011. And Marant's collection was shown first, might I remind you.

I'm sorry Balmain, I love your previous collection but I think I can buy those on cheaper brands or even make them my own. Putting studs on your leather jacket might be easy or even putting safety pins on your shirt. ;)

Balmain Spring 2011- FAIL! :(


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