Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It was in 1980, 30 years ago, that The Official Preppy Handbook made its way to the bookstands and became a bestseller. Now that it's 2010, they felt the need of updating the handbook and making changes to the rules. Well, I'm only concerned about their fashion rules and their logology.

So this is the first of three parts on how to be preppy. Read on self-proclaimed preppies, I'm going to school you.

Source: Vanity Fair, September 2010 issue (Yes I bought it, GaGa was on the cover, it costs Php 600. Worth every pso! :D)
1. We wear sportswear. This makes it easier to go from sporting events to social events (not that there is much difference)

2. We generally underdress. We prefer it to overdressing.

3. Your underwear must not show. Wear a nude-colored strapless bra. Pull up your pants. Wear a belt. Do something. Use a tie!

4. We do not display our wit through T-shirt slogans.

5. Every single one of us—no matter the age or gender or sexual preference—owns a blue blazer.

6. We take care of our clothes, but we're not obsessive. A tiny hole in a sweater, a teensy stain on the knee of our trousers, doesn't throw us. (We are the people who brought you duct-taped Blucher moccasins.)

7. We do, however, wear a lot of white in the summer, and it must be spotless.

8. Don't knock seersucker till you've tried it. (Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, unless you live in Palm Beach or Southern California, or the southern Mediterranean, please.)

9. Bags and shoes need not match.

10. Jewelry should not match, though metals should.

11. On the other hand, your watch doesn't have to be the same metal as your jewelry.

12. And you can wear gold with a platinum wedding band and/or engagement ring.

13. Men's jewelry should be restricted to a handsome watch, a wedding band if he is American and married, and nothing else. If he has a family-crest ring, it may be worn as well. For black-tie, of course, shirt studs and matching cuff links are de rigueur.

14. Nose rings are never preppy.

15. Neither (shudder) are belly-button piercings.

16. Nor are (two shudders) tongue studs.

17. And that goes for ankle bracelets.

18. Tattoos: Men who have been in a war have them, and that's one thing. (Gang wars don't count.) Anyone else looks like she is trying hard to be cool. Since the body ages, if you must tattoo, find a spot that won't stretch too much. One day you will want to wear a halter-necked backless gown. Will you want everyone at the party to know you once loved John Krasinski?

19. Sneakers (a.k.a. tennis shoes, running shoes, trainers) are not worn with skirts.

20. Men may wear sneakers with linen or cotton trousers to casual summer parties.

21. Women over the age of 15 may wear a simple black dress. Women over the age of 21 must have several in rotation.

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