Friday, November 12, 2010


So I've been ranting about different fashion shows and fashion houses that I think I can tell something about me and my fashion. I want to mention a designer line to say what my style is like but I can't find one. There is SO FAR only ONE FASHION HOUSE THAT I MIGHT SAY I WILL WEAR ALL OF THE CLOTHES AND THAT IS MOSCHINO. All the other are very minimalist or either plain awful.

I also want to say that when I look at Topman fashion shows, each outfit I would say "OH, you will never see me in that!" but when I go to Topman, I make a list of things I'm gonna buy. I guess it's just bad styling. The pieces are good but not good together. So I mix and match them with other pieces of clothing in my closet.

So, you might go to youtube and search for moschino menswear to see what my style is like. I love colors, but I can be VERY MINIMALIST. I love PRINTS but I can go plain. I think my style is even evolving to rock because of the pieces of clothing I am fascinated with: SHOULDER PADS, LEATHER JACKETS, MILITARY JACKET-STYLE, SKINNY JEANS, VESTS, AND HARD ACCESSORIES (STUDS, SPIKES, ETC.) and to its extreme opposite: DANDY (I have a cardigan, sweater vest, blazer, shorts, loafers, scarves). I'm also searching for some leather boots. I have ankle botties from levi's and nothing else. Well at least I can go to the middle and still say its approximate of my style. :P

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