Wednesday, November 17, 2010



Not only is he hot physically (and he's on team gay!), his designs are hot too.

Tom Ford did inevitable things. Before Tom Ford, you would never see anyone wearing Gucci. After Tom Ford, stepped on the creative director position, BAM! Gucci became a must-have brand for every fashionista, even for social climbers. The current creative director of Gucci, Freida Gianini, worked under Tom Ford. After moving on with Gucci due to creative differences, he moved to Yves Saint Laurent. How ironic that he had a conflict with Saint Laurent himself. Despite growing sales, Saint Laurent didn't like the direction the brand was going to. So Tom Ford resigned.

Tom Ford launched his own label, Tom Ford, in 2005. He only designed menswear and accessories for both ladies and gentlemen. What made Tom Ford famous is his eyewear line. He even designed James Bond's Casino Royale's official eyewear. I WAS saving up on that, but after I found a counterfeit, I stopped. Haha!

Now, Tom Ford went back to designing womenswear! I only knew this a month ago. I was already starting this blog. I was looking for pictures. You don't know how much I searched everyday if there will be leaked photos. But it only leaked on NOVEMBER 16! OUR MONTHSARY! TOM FORD I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU!


Tomorrow, you will see the pictures and the next day, you will read what Tom Ford has to say about the line. If you want to touch the collection on paper, BUY VOGUE US DECEMBER '10 ISSUE WITH ANGELINA JOLIE ON THE COVER. WILL BE BUYING THAT FOR SURE! :D

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