Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I love Isabel Marant!

Isabel Marant makes casual outfits. I mean casual! No prom dresses and gowns. Just leather jackets, leather pants, skirts, denim, shirts and all.

Well the Fall collection is the current collection in stores. Based on my knowledge Spring 2011 clothes won't be in stores til December-February (depends on the house).

And boy does Isabel Marant know how to put on a show with such casual clothes. Freja Beha Erichsen (my favorite model) opened and closed the show! That's good enough for me! Haha!

The bestseller: the red leather jeans! Biggest fan of those jeans is Posh herself! Victoria Beckham! She even tweeted that she loved the pants along with her Prada shoes!

My favorites would have to be the opening and closing outfits of Freja and this leather jacket!

I also loved the silver sequined pants! :) 

In the end! LOVED IT! :) Take notes Christophe Decarnin of Balmain, this is how you do rock n roll with class!

PS. I just bought a leather jacket and I am currently obsessed with customizing it! I already have ideas but unfortunately I need to find the right place that will cater to my needs! Paging Divisoria, do you have puramid studs, shoulder pads, and great tailors I can borrow! ;) I might go GaGa with this one so watch out! I'll be posting the pictures!

And Thank you to all my international readers! I can't believe my blog will travel to Europe, USA, and Canada, even in Japan and Australia! Thank you so much! :) 

Have a fashionable life everyone! :)

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