Monday, November 29, 2010


Who made Sarah Palin's sunglasses?
Well , I never thought I would post about Sarah Palin but she is an EYEcon! Her eyeglasses though not sunglasses! Haha!
SO sunglasses are FROM VERSACE VE 2086
I am also saving up for this one! I saw this on sale! But still the price is very high! I need donations guys! Haha! Joke! But e-mail me if you are serious! :))

Anywayz, back to the sunnies, IT'S A SHIELD! And I love shields! Escpecially wrap-arounds because they offer the most protection to your eyes because it protects your whole face! I also love the temple detail with the floating Medusa head! Medusa is Versace's logo! See the split temples! It forms a V so, there VERSACE!

So my rating: 5 out of 5! That's how much I love them! :))

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